I couldn’t believe how easy the 180 fin system was to operate while in the water during a session. As the conditions change you can easily change the fin system and your board’s characteristic’s with the flip of a finger and no tools. A beautifully thought design matched with incredible performance makes this fin system exceptional. Can safely say I don’t think I have gone faster with matched maneuverability EVER! -Eric Mehlberg

The One80 board and fin system is not a novelty but an evolutionary step in surfing.  My 5’11” Deathsled paddles like a 6’2”, but turns like a 5’8” when the fins are “loose”. It’s a misnomer to say the fins are loose, because they are more like a coiled spring that gives back the energy at the end of the turn. This creates the ability to go “180” without any loss of speed or torque. I don’t have to “milk” the end of the turn worrying that the board will bog when I need the snap to make that cutback in the pocket. The One80 is a quiver unto itself. I ride all fins at max looseness on small or mushy days, and incrementally tightening them as the waves become bigger or more critical. I feel blessed to get a board that has made me a better surfer and more importantly makes surfing in all conditions fun. -Dr. Warren Kramer

I am now on my fourth One80 surfboard!! Leaving the discussion of fluid dynamics and the theories of planing vs. displacement hulls as regards surfboard and fin design to others more qualified, the only thing I will say regarding the science is that I was always told “stiff fins, you’ve got to have stiff fins to get drive”. But it does not seem to follow in natural science. Dolphins, pelagic fish, and sharks all seem to get a lot of drive and speed moving through water without any stiff, fixed fins.Three reasons why I keep surfing: staying fit, relieving mental stress, and having fun. Just going into the sea regularly will accomplish the first two. The fun part of the payoff is where One80 comes in. Playing with the settings on the fins allows for different performance characteristics. Set loose, the board will turn on a tighter radius in small surf. In larger surf with the fins tightened (but still flexing) you can feel the acceleration as the fins spring back into place. This is especially helpful post bottom turn when you’re in the flats trying to get around a section. The easier turning is also helpful if you’re trying to get your board pointed vertical and then get the release at your top turn.In addition to the unique fin characteristics, One80 is offering an array of different surfboard shapes, from the standard to the (dare I say?) trippy. Again, it just adds to the fun. My current go-to is the Death Sled. I think a One80 surfboard is a worthy addition to any serious surfer’s quiver. -Bill Bemus

In my many years in watching the development of the One80 surfboards fin system come about I was skeptical that It would fit my type of surfing.  Once I was able to get my hands on the DS2 model, I was instantly intrigued to figure out what position of the fins best suited my style of surfing from a loose setting in mushy waves to a tight setting in bigger waves for greater stability. I consistently notice that the fin system had good flexibility in all different types of swells by simply adjusting the tabs between sets. I soon came to realize that the board had not just one fin setting but many different settings based on the waves I was surfing. It is my favorite board! Thanks One80, -AJ

Just want to let you know how happy I am with the One80 I purchase!  I remember the first time you showed me and understanding how fish swim, it all made sense but it wasn’t till I tried your board one day that convinced me!  I remember taking off and trying not to think about adjusting my surfing to the board and just riding it.  The surprise came when I did a cutback and knowing I didn’t have enough speed, I usually do almost a double turn but the board just kept going and not only did I make the cutback, it drove me into the next pocket with no effort!  I thought it may have been a lucky wave but it happened again the very next wave!  I purchased the DS2 and can’t wait for the next model I purchase!  I also remember a big day and taking a late drop thinking to myself, “will these fins perform?” then telling myself “always trust the equipment” as I took off…I not only made the wave but the board took hold mid-drop and took off to make the section!  Quite happy with my board and is my go to board down at Lower’s!!  Thank you One80!!  Amazing concept and can’t wait for new and upcoming tweaks! -Will Ting

The first time I rode my 6’2” swallow tail 180 Surfboard with the fin system, I knew I was on something unique and special. I still found plenty of drive from the fins with added pivot when I really needed it, whether coming off the bottom or re-directing in the pocket. I would definitely recommend this set up for anyone in California looking for a performance based edge in our typical 2-4 foot surf. I preferred my fins set on the loosest setting. -Ian

I’ve ridden a lot of different surfboard styles and models across my career as a professional surfer and the 180 Surfboard fin system stood out as something totally new and different. It had just the right amount of drive and release and felt lively under my feet. The system was easy to use in the water and it was fun to change the stiffness of the fin pivot. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new, fresh feeling on a surfboard. -Rosy

I’ve ridden this board for over a year. It works great and I love the different options to mix it up and get a new “feel” out of the board by quickly and easily changing up the fin settings. On smaller days I can keep it loose and let the fins do a lot of the work. It takes a few sessions to get a feel for how to maximize the speed the fins can create as they flex then spring back into place. You can feel the spring of the fins working on cutbacks, bottom turns and carves off the top but it also just helps to generate extra speed when pumping down the line. On bigger days I can tighten them up if needed as well. The set up allows for so much flexibility and variation. This is the future of fin systems. -Chris Carlin

My One80 is a 6′-2″ x 19.5″ x, 2 5/8″ D, 35L, C2 model.On the first cutback I tried, I fell off – simply because I was not ready for the ease in which the fins change direction! The fins definitely help me round out and finish my turns more completely, yet lose nothing on down the line speed!  Love the fins! A note about my One80 surfboard – the spoon tail seems to elevate the back end slightly, providing more speed, and the board paddles into waves really well. This was an unexpected but welcome surprise. -Pat Galvin

I’ve had the pleasure of watching One80 evolve from a prototype to a tried and tested production model. It was amazing to see the next major evolution in surf fins (or surfboards for that matter) which really haven’t changed much since the removable fin system came out 25+ years ago. Fins that pivot add another dimension to overall fin function and just seem to make sense!I own two models – a 5’9” N1 short board and 5’6” Death Sled 2 hybrid and they have really helped me progress my surfing. Across these two boards I’m covered from anything from 2ft to overhead. I have more power off my bottom turns as the fins let you load up and spring you forward. I also have more drive and can feel the fins engage with the wave face when I want to pump down the line. Best of all the fins lay down silkiest and smoothest cutbacks. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt on another board.Highly recommend One80. Get your hands on the next major evolution in surfboard design! -Dan Choi

My name is Marshall and I recently ordered a 180 XINGR surfboard from Bob Foulke. The dimensions I picked for the XINGRare 6’ 3”x 21 1/2“ x 2 1/2“ with 38 L volume. I picked these dimensions based on several things, my surfing ability, age, physical fitness and overall health. On my first paddle out and a couple of waves the board was different from any other board I had ridden. Bob said it would happen with all the technology that goes into his boards. With a few adjustments the board performed even better than I had hoped it would. The few adjustments I made were paddling further up the nose, a wider stance for foot placement and a simple fin adjustment in the water by locking the forward outer fins at the 12 degree setting. This only took a couple of minutes. One of the things that sold me on this fin system was my next session at Lowers. Right out of the gate I picked off 4 right handers. My bottom turns were tight, smooth and my cut backs off the face were equally smooth and tight. As I was leaving Lowers that day, Aaron a video photographer stopped me. He said he liked how my bottom turns on a few right handers he saw were really tight and smooth. For me that confirmed my opinion of the fin system and the XINGR fish shape. My next board will be another One80. -Windmill out, have a great day !!!

As an amateur surfer you are always looking for something to improve your speed and your turns. These boards with the one80 fin system do both! Once you figure out how you like your fins set up I prefer mine all stiff, the turns you can do are unreal. I thought I was turning hard on y old boards but when you get on the rail with this thing you better hold on because it keeps turning, the first time you do a cutback its almost surprising how hard it goes back to the pocket I fell off because I wasn’t ready for the speed of the turn lol. The fins almost give you a little extra squirt of speed on the face as well it’s really quite amazing!Also it’s really nice to be able to switch your setting in seconds out in the water as when it gets a little bigger or smaller you may wanna change settings. I would definitely recommend this board to anyone looking to gain a little more speed and throw a little more spray and it’s just fin. –Trevor Bryson