ONE80 Fin System has Fin Plugs that are mounted to the board with zero “toe-in”. Most surfboards have side fins that point inward towards the nose of the board, however, ONE80 Fins are mounted parallel to the stringer. It’s up to you how much “toe-in” the board will have during a turn by using the buttons on the left and right side of the fin plug.

ONE80 Fins are spring-loaded under tension so when water is forced against them, they will pivot to your setting or you can decide to not have them pivot at all (fixed position). When you are surfing straight ahead they rest in base position (zero toe-in), parallel to the stringer. So, the drag that normally occurs from the toe-in of the side fins does not occur. It’s easier to paddle out and easier to catch waves. It’s faster down the line and turns easier.

ONE80 Fin System is dynamic and mimics nature. Its as if each fin has a little muscle. Energy from your legs and feet is transferred into these little muscles during a turn, then released coming out of the turn. The fins pivot, then un-pivot, mimicking what happens when fish create thrust and directional movements with their fins. The fins on your board can now work for you in this way.

ONE80 Fin System

There are 3 settings on each side of the Fin Plug that limit the amount the fin will pivot to the right or left during a turning maneuver. The buttons on the right of the fin plug control the right pivot amount and the buttons on the left control the left pivot amount.

    • Button Setting #1: 0 degrees: The fin is in fixed position and will not pivot at all.
    • Button Setting #2: 6 degrees: The fin will pivot six degrees in a turn.
    • Button Setting #3: 12 degrees: The fin will pivot twelve degrees in a turn.

To adjust fin plug to different settings, push down on the red button with your index finger and slide it, the button will pop back up into each setting you choose. There are numerous settings to explore when considering wave conditions or especially when a rider will be surfing a left or right hand point break during a session.