About ONE80 Surfboards:

ONE80 Surfboards is offering 8 surfboard models to choose from and each model comes in 3 size variations. By installing ONE80 Fin System onto only ONE80Surfboards, we are able to perfect the production process of how this system is installed onto surfboards. This has helped us in developing a standard for making this fin system available in the future for all surfboard manufacturers to install on their surfboards. There are basically two companies that own the entire surfboard fin market today. Our fins can do everything their fins do, except our fins can pivot if desired, no other fin in the world can do this.

About Surfboard Fin History:

Surfboard fins and fin systems have basically stayed the same for eighty years. Ever since Tom Blake installed the first fin on a surfboard in 1935, surfboards have always been made with fins solidly fixed in place. Since then, the major changes in fin evolution have been the size of the fins, the number of fins and building materials. But they are still fixed in place, a concept that’s never been questioned. It does not follow what nature shows us.

Traditional surfboards have side fins pre-set with a specific degree of “toe-in”. This sets up equilibrium of drag between the two side fins that fight for dominance while moving straight ahead. As soon as a rider initiates a turn, the inside fin then takes over control. The more “toe-in” a board has means the board has a tighter turning radius. This is advantageous in small surf. By contrast, less “toe-in” means larger turning radius and is best suited for big wave boards.